The Little Things in Life….and in Golf

October 13, 2011

The Little Things in Life….and in Golf

I have a friend who owns a local restaurant.  He is always complaining that “everybody’s a food critic”, referring to the comments and criticism he receives from his restaurant guests.  Well, we say “have at it”.  Be a golf course critic!  We go the extra mile at the Warren Golf Course to ensure we have the best-maintained course in the region and we want everyone to know it.  That means doing the little things right… focusing our attention on detail.

Here are a few of the things we do routinely to enhance your golfing experience.  The next time you visit us take a look and see if you can spot them.  Better yet, the next time you play another course in the area, see if they are doing these things to help you enjoy your round:

  • All grass clippings, on greens, fairways and roughs, are blown and dispersed after mowing
  • I have heard it said that you can judge the quality of a golf course by the condition of the range balls…we purchase new range balls every year and constantly filter out any blemished balls to ensure they all are of the highest quality for our guests
  • Our greens have two distinct collars – the first is bent grass, the second is a deep green rye grass
  • Our fairways all have a three cuts of rough – a first cut of rye, a second primary cut of bluegrass and the deep rough of red fescue
  • Our tee boxes are lasered on a routine basis to ensure the edges are all perpendicular to the fairways
  • Our bunkers (all 89 of them) are hand-raked to ensure perfect lies
  • Our greens are walk-mowed to ensure the most consistent putting surfaces
  • Our golf carts are detailed on a weekly basis to ensure they are in top condition for our guests
  • Our maintenance crew repairs all un-repaired ball marks on each green, each day, prior to mowing them
  • Hole locations are changed daily.  The next time you play the Warren see if you can spot any of the old locations.  I bet you can’t.  Our guys weave the grass together to disguise any seams that might indicate an old hole location
  • During leaf season, our crew picks up leaves on a daily basis
  • Spot any weeds on our tees, fairways or primary roughs?  Can you say this about the other courses you play?

Remember, just because a particular golf course is green doesn’t mean it is well maintained.  Please, be a golf course critic!  It will lead to a better golfing experience for us all.

John Foster, General Manager

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